Artist in Residence 2019


Gina Folly (b. 1983) is a Swiss artist who lives and works in Paris and Basel. She completed an MA at ZHdK, Zürich in 2014.

She is interested in a multitude of cultural and social phenomena. Plants, animals, as well as everyday objects and situations play a vital role in her work. She examines how those imitate nature and contribute to artificially build and shape our daily environment, forming new ways of being. Such confrontation between humans and their natural surrounding is translated in Folly’s installations, ceramic objects and photography.

Her work has been the subject of a solo show at Ginevra Gambino, Koln, Germany (April 2017); Almanac, London, UK (2016); Gina Folly et Elle&Antélio en conversation, Tunnel Tunnel, Lausanne, CH (2016); Soon is now, SPREEZ, Munich, CH; (2015) New Conditions, Ermes-Ermes, Rome, IT (2015); Me You 2, with Lene Adler Petersen, Space Is The Place, Basel, CH (2015); Ströme, with Mandla Reuter, S.A.L.T.S., Birsfelden, CH (2015). Selected group shows: in 2016 Adrift on Plastic Island, Galerie Bernhard, Zurich, CH; Body pt. 1 (zombie), Ginevra Gambino, Cologne, D; L’etat parfait, Freymond-Guth Fine Arts, Basel, CH; A MYSTICAL STAIRCASE, curated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi for; Some of My Best Friends Are Germs, Le Doc, Paris, FR; The Free Design, Art Bärtschi & Cie, Geneve, CH. Since 2013 she runs the artist space ‘Taylor Macklin’ in Zurich together with Selina Grüter and Michèle Graf.

Artist in Residence 2019


Laurence Sturla (b. 1992) is a British artist primarily working in ceramics, currently living and working in Vienna.

Viewing works not purely as objects, but rather highlighting their capacity to interact and converse with their surrounding/audience, Sturla’s work aims to conflate the distance between human and non-human. By levelling the parameters, dialectics such as form and function, or thought and language are suspended as though in mid-air, as exaggerations, caricatures of their formerly rigid categorisations. With works acting as hybrids of history and fantasy, they enter the framework of a society rooted in the ghosts of industrialisation, nodding to how our notions of the present are composed. Honest fantasies recall histories which have been subject to a biased memory, reshaping and reinterpreting how we feel about the present and look towards the future.

Laurence Sturla lives and works in Vienna. His work has recently been exhibited at Pina, Vienna, (2018); Goswell Road, Paris, France (2017).

Artist in Residence 2019


Nicolas Deshayes

Nicolas Deshayes (b. 1983) is a French artist who lives and works in London and Dover. He completed an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in 2009 and a BA in Sculpture at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2005.

Working primarily with various methods of industrial casting, Nicolas Deshayes’s sculptures tend to be hard, made from materials such as plastic, ceramic, vitreous enamel, aluminium or cast iron. Formally, however, his works reference soft, moving and malleable things; things that are alive and functioning. Recent sculptures have been made from glazed earthenware, fabricated using a slip-casting process in Veneto, Italy. Reminiscent of traditional domestic washbasins in their forms and colouring, they are also variably abstract and painterly, each with their own composition. Like vessels turned inside out, or bulging body parts, Deshayes’s ceramic sculptures play with positive and negative space.

Nicolas Deshayes’s work has been the subject of solo exhibitions at Stuart Shave Modern Art, London (2019); Battersea Park’s Pleasure Gardens, Pumphouse Gallery, London (2018); Basement Roma, Rome, Italy (2018); Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, Milan, Italy (2016); Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow (2015); Tate, St. Ives, Cornwall (2015); S1 Artspace, Sheffield (2013); His work has been included in group exhibitions at FRAC Grand Large, Dunkirk, France (2018); FRAC Ile de France, Chateau de Rentilly, Bussy-Saint-Martin, France (2018); Tate St Ives, Cornwall (2017); Drawing Room, London (2017); Inverleith House, Edinburgh (2016); Polish Institute, Berlin, Germany (2016); Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2016); Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany (2015); Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds (2015); Kestnergesellschaft, Hannover (2014) and David Roberts Art Foundation, London (2014).

Exhibition Design


For the first time the final exhibition of the Thun Ceramic Residency will not be brought together by a curator, but we are honoured to welcome back Giles Round (resident in 2017) as exhibition designer.

Giles Round (b. 1976) lives and works in London, United Kingdom. He graduated from a BA at Middlesex and subsequently an MA from the Royal College of Art, London. His practice ranges across several media and includes design, ready made and ceramic objects, architectural screens and paintings among others. His installations often unfold as spaces for potential habitation, allowing the viewer to project themselves into the work.

Solo Exhibitions include The Director, The Hepworth Wakefield, West Yorkshire (2018); 1967, Goswell Road, Paris, (2018); They bow. Curtain. No applause., Spike Island, Bristol, (2017) and We live in the office, The Architecture Gallery, RIBA, London, (2016). He is also the art director for Serpentine Galleries General Ecology series The Shape of the Circle in the Mind of a Fish, (2018 to present). Amongst other books he designed the monograph Edge of Tomorrow – Lucy Raven, together with Roland Brauchli, published by Koenig London, (2017). He was in charge of the exhibition design with Andrés Ros Soto, Magnificent Obsessions at Sainsbury Centre, Norfolk, 2016 and  Francis Bacon & the Masters, (2015). He created the set design for live and filmed works of artist Cally Spooner including And You Were Wonderful, On Stage, (2013 – 2015) and He’s In A Great Place!, BMW Live Performance Room commission, Tate Modern, London, (2014). Further on Giles oversaw the exhibition design and curation, Ljubljana, 1955, (2015). [Partially recreated in Repétition, Villa Empain, Brussels, 2016] as well as The Influence of Furniture on Love, together with Lotte Juul Petersen at Wysing Farmhouse, Cambridgeshire, (2014).

Artist in Residence 2018


Adriano Costa

Adriano Costa (b. 1975) is a Brazilian artist working and living between São Paulo and Europe. He graduated with a BA in art from the Universidade de São Paulo.

Costa’s sculptures and installations update the modernist and Minimalist legacies of geometric abstraction for contemporary Brazil through the use of everyday objects. His work also speaks to the lingering traces of colonialism, queer history and the potential of a localized artistic tradition. Applying a feel for compositional harmony, the artist disregards the objects’ original functions and combines them according to form, highlighting their visual relationships through strategic rearrangement. Costa’s works are usually installed chaotically across exhibition spaces in a style that the artist has dubbed “pre-sculptoric.” His avoidance of the pedestal and the frame highlights the vernacular aspect of the objects he uses and emphasizes their deviation from art-historical tradition.

Recent solo exhibitions include: We Chose Life . What Now, Georg? Tshirts ?, Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo (2018); wetANDsomeOLDstuffVANDALIZEDbyTHEartist, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne (2018); B A  I   L    E, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo (2018); DearMeatCutsDevilMayCry, David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles (2016); Every Camel Tells a Story, Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo (2015). Recent group exhibitions include Everyday Poetics, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle (2017); Frucht & Faulheit, Lothringer13 Halle, Munich (2017); IMAGINE BRAZIL, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo & Musee D’Art Contemporain de Lyon, France (2014).

Artist in Residence 2018


Hella Gerlach

Hella Gerlach (b. 1977) is a German artist based in Berlin. She studied experimental sculpture at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, art history at the University of Cologne and design at the Cologne International School of Design.

Sculpture, object, installation, scent, performance and sound…The interrelationship between architectural, physical (human) and social bodies lies at the core of Hella Gerlach’s artistic practice. She produces ephemeral works out of ceramic and industrially manufactured fabrics. Her sculptures recall theories of embodiment, which underscore the physical, epistemological and situational aspects of subject formation. For Gerlach sculpture is not a static object. Her works aim instead to provoke a particularly physical or embodied experience/dialogue with the viewer (or user) through the deployments of elastic materiality, evocative surfaces, kinetic movement, ephemeral scents and sounds, and interactive devices. Together, these contrive to interweave the body of the viewer, the artwork and the space of display into a connected field of action.

Recent and forthcoming exhibitions took place at the Kunstverein Jesteburg (2018), Berliner Festspiele (2017), Kunstverein Braunschweig (2016), Bargehouse, London (2016), Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno (2016), Asia-Pacific-Center, Seoul (2015), Galeria Acappella, Naples (2015) Kunstverein Hildesheim/Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim (2014), Kunstverein Langenhagen, (2013) Goethe Institut, Glasgow (2013) Kunstverein Schwerin/Museum Schloss Schwerin (2013) Mark Morgan Perez Garage, Buenos Aires (2010).

Artist in Residence 2018



Paloma Proudfoot (b.1992) is an English artist living and working in London. Proudfoot studied her BA (Sculpture) at Edinburgh College of Art graduating in 2014 before completing her MA (Sculpture) at Royal College of Art in 2017.

Proudfoot uses sculptural objects as characters, a set of players that repeat, morph and re-emerge across different works through installation and performance. Using slip-casting to make hollow ceramic husks, Proudfoot manipulates these casts creating concave cheeks, gutted bellies and protruding spouts. These shallows and openings transform the objects into vessels, creating opportunities to fill their emptiness with materials that perish or metamorphose over time. Drying and decaying eggs, flowers, berries, home-brewed alcohol and bath salts mould over and alloy to the ceramics exposing their vulnerability and interrupting the immutability of the medium. Transposing her experience in clothes-making techniques to clay, Proudfoot also uses pattern-cutting methods to slab build figurative work, playing between the two-dimensional pattern pieces and three-dimensional forms they make up.

Recent and forthcoming solo exhibitions include The Detachable Head Serves as a Cup, Cob Gallery, London (2018); The Bin Room, Stryx Gallery, Birmingham (2017); There is One Missing From Your Bunch, May Projects, London (2016) and The Jockey, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (2015). Recent and forthcoming group exhibitions include Becoming Plant, Tenderpixel, London; La Louisiana, Sans Titre, Paris; The Clean Carcass of the Host, Marso Galeria, Mexico City (with Galerie Sultana and Sans Titre for Condo Mexico) (all 2017).

Curator 2018



Melissa Canbaz is a writer and curator based in Berlin, where she currently works at Haus der Kulturen der Welt. She is one of the founding members of the working group Stations, a nomadic platform that engages with discussions around forms of collaboration and dialogue within the context of exhibition making. Her recent curatorial projects are the group show Llave Cadena (Transpositions) at Alto Refugio in Buenos Aires (2017), with works by Victoria Colmegna, Chris Kraus, Valentina Liernur and Amelie von Wulffen, and the solo show with Jonas Lipps at Gallery Celine in Glasgow (2017). She is a regular contributor to various magazines and artists’ publications.

Artist in Residence 2017



Giles Round (b. 1976) lives and works in London, United Kingdom. He graduated from a BA at Middlesex and subsequently an MA from the Royal College of Art, London. His works are dense with historical references, often comic and materially various. Giles creates sculptures and assemblages composed of an array of materials, which includes ready made and ceramic objects, architectural screens and paintings. In his exhibitions he arranges these objects so as to divide space and invite a directed movement around a room. He appropriates craft and design into an art context in an attempt to collapse the hierarchies of applied and fine arts. More mischevous undertones are often camouflaged by safe and interior aesthetics.A firm believer that design and architecture play an active role in well-being, Giles’ work uses these tactics to create immersive and thought-provoking viewer experiences.

Recent solo and collaborative exhibitions include: They bow. Curtain. No applause., Spike Island, Bristol (2017); Design Work Leisure, part of ‘Underline’, Art on the Underground, London, (2015–2016); Printshop!, with Edwin Pickstone, Tramway, Glasgow, (2016); Ettore. Sorry!, J.W.Anderson Workshops, London, (2016); Ljubljana, 1955, Galerija Jakopič, part of Over you/you, 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, (2015); AGAIN! SORRY! AGAIN! SORRY!, YOUNG TEAM, London, (2015); The Grantchester Pottery paints the stage, Jerwood Visual Arts, London, (2015)

Artist in Residence 2017



Lindsay Lawson (b. 1982) is an American artist based in Berlin, Germany. Lindsay studied fine arts UCLA in 2007 (MFA, New Genres Program) and was Guest Student with Judith Hopf at the Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main). Spanning film, installation, photo, sculpture, performance and text, the Berlin-based artist “investigates states of infatuation” with the objects she chooses to engage with. This object oriented ontology manifests itself by collecting objects either physically or virtually and re-contextualizing them so that the emotions they elicit become evident, thereby exposing their inner lives. Her interest in shifting understandings of an object’s agency is in line with schools of thought such as object-oriented  new materialism and speculative realism.

Lindsay’s most recent solo exhibitions were Agency, 8-11, Toronto, Canada (2017); Dear Stranger, with Jenine Marsh, Entrée, Bergen, Norway (2017); Arrangements, 1646, The Hague, Netherlands (2016); Lampshading, Canapé Canopy, Auckland, New Zealand (2016) and The Inner Lives of Objects, Gillmeier Rech, Berlin (2016)

Artist in Residence 2017




Jimena Mendoza (b. 1979) is a Mexican artist based in Prague, Czech Republic.
 She studied Fine Arts in La Esmeralda, Mexico City and the Master in Visual Arts Program in Academy of Art, Architecture and Design of Prague, Czech Republic.
 In her work Jimena makes matrimony between divergent worldviews in a happily, unexpected and sensual encounters. Her works dialogue between applied arts, crafts and design; she is working mainly with ceramics, collage, glass and drawings. He work is influenced by indigenous and non-Western cultures, which she filters through her own idiosyncratic vision. In the previous years her projects have been influenced by the former Eastern European representations of the future and the gap between history and fiction, to launch anachronic and hybrid relations.

Recently her work has been featured in the following exhibitions: Forgotten Fruits, SVIT, Prague (2017); As if in a foreign country, Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna (2016); Casualidad/ Causalidad, Ferdinand Baumann Galerie, Prague (2016); Konstelovat, Kurimanzutto, Mexico City (2016); The Notion of Distance (THREAT), FUTURA, Prague (2016); Shape of relation, Berlinskej Model, Prague (2015).

Curator 2017


Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 03.29.18

After graduating from Bocconi University in Milan with a thesis in Art Banking, Eva von Ingram Harpf (b. 1987) worked at Johann König Gallery in Berlin, as well as Ghetta Gallery, Ortisei and holds a Master´s degree in Contemporary Art from Sothebys London. Since 2012 she works as an independent curator and art adviser and is based in Bolzano, Südtirol, Italy. She is a member of the board of ar/ge Kunst Bozen.

Italo Zuffi



This year the Thun Ceramic Residency extends its support of artists working with ceramic also beyond its yearly residency program. The first artist invited to externally make use of the facilities in Bolzano is the Italian sculptor Italo Zuffi. ar/ge kunst presents Italo Zuffi with a solo exhibition dedicated to works the artist conceived years ago but that so far has not been produced or presented just as model. The exhibition is part of a larger collaboration between ar/ge kunst, Nomas Foundation (Rom) and MAN (Museum of Contemporary Art Nuoro). His ceramic sculptures produced at THUN during the last week of June refer to public polls Italo Zuffi collected on journals and magazine in the course of the past years. The works will be presented at ar/ge from the 23 September – 26 November 2016. More information on the exhibition can be found on the website:

Curator 2016



We are incredibly happy that our friend Samuel Leuenberger will be overseeing this year’s residency and the consequent exhibition. Samuel is a Basel-born independent curator who has been running the not-for-profit SALTS exhibition space in Birsfelden, Switzerland since 2009, which promotes emerging Swiss and international artists. Further on he has been appointed as the new curator for Art Basel’s Parcours sector that this year took place in the Old Town of Basel in June. His great sensitivity to site specific artistic interventions in unconventional spaces is something we are looking forward to in the second exhibition of the Thun Ceramic Residency.

Artist in Residence 2016



Rochelle Goldberg, (b. 1984; Vancouver, Canada) lives and works in New York. In her all encompassing installations Rochelle stages sculptural topographies composed of living, ephemeral, and synthetic materials, such as crude oil and chia seeds, in combination with ceramic and steel. The combination of the two challenges the fixity of the art object. With the subject matter inspired by references to art history and philosophy, Rochelle’s ceramic works become a playful studied reflection that seamlessly switch between such vast narratives and inquiries into the politics of visual and tactile perception. Upcoming exhibitions include Cyborg Seduction, BARRO, Buenos Aires (August, 2016); Okayama Art Summit, Okayama, Japan (October, 2016). Recent exhibitions include The Plastic Thirsty, The Sculpture Center, New York; Mirror Cells, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (all 2016).

Artist in Residence 2016



Than Hussein Clark (b. 1981, Exeter, New Hampshire) lives and works in London. In his work Than interweaves complicated connections between distant narratives, styles and luxuries. The resulting Gesamtkunstwerk is composed of an amalgamation of carefully crafted objects, often produced in collaboration with artisans. The scripts, performances and plays which Than composes  imbue these reworked realities  with conversations with past artistic figures, from Bruce Chatwin to Madonna. Upcoming presentations include the Liverpool Biennial (with Villa Design Group), Liverpool, England; Museum Ludwig (with Villa Design Group), Cologne, Germany. Recent solo exhibitions include: MIT List Visual Arts Centre (with Villa Design Group), Massachusetts, USA; Solo Presentation with Mathew Gallery, Miart Art Fair, Milan, Italy (all 2016) and The Violet Crab at DRAF, David Roberts Art Foundation, London (2015).


Artist in Residence 2016


John Henshaw

John Henshaw (b. 1993; Leeds, UK) lives and works in London. His most recent sculptures have developed alongside teaching clay workshops. It’s the innate human desire to make with our hands that he celebrates in his works. Drawing upon the DYI culture which brings forward the  instinctive human ability to create a quick fix, his work is less interested in slickness but more in creative solutions. John already came to Bolzano last year to visit his friend Jesse. Recent group shows included: ‘Show on a Boat’, Hackney Marshes; ‘Κενό’, The Old Police Station; ‘Vault’ at the Shoreditch Town Hall and ‘The mill’ Armely Mills (all shows 2013).


Location scouting!


Location Scouting


For three rainy days we went to see over twenty potential locations for this year’s exhibition. From abandoned hotels, to industrial sites and medieval churches we saw the most amazing places.

Matthew’s Mask is exhibited in Scotland


Matthew Lutz Kinoy TCR Mask

One of the three masks Matthew made whilst in Bolzano featured in the wonderful show ‘The Ultimate Vessel’ that was organized by our friend Kendall Koppe in Glasgow.

Cerith Wyn Evans


2015-10-02 19.26.07 HDR

For the last outing of our exhibition we were lucky to host Cerith Wyn Evans and his friends after his opening at the Museion in Bolzano.

The first pieces are brought to the apartment


20150814_27 copy

With the residency coming to an end we started moving the first works to the apartment where the exhibition will be held. A lot of dusting needs to be done but some great first ideas of an exhibition came together.

Curator 2015


Claire Shea

Claire Shea is currently Curatorial Director of the Cass Sculpture Foundation in West Sussex, UK. She has curated several off-site exhibitions, including a show of Tony Cragg’s works on Exhibition Road, London in 2012. She has recently acted as Associate Curator on the 8th Shenzhen Sculpture Bienniale. Her previous experience includes the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, White Cube and Bold Tendencies in London.

Artist in Residence 2015


Cassie Griffin

Cassie Griffin (B. 1985; Pennsylvania, US) works with clay as an experimental material, using its properties and the process of throwing to develop ever-changing objects Griffin pushes clay to its physical limit, often embracing the moment at which the material collapses. Straddling the principles of function, decoration and art, Cassie respectfully challenges the material, considering it’s past and future at once. Cassie hat an upcoming solo show at Patrick Parrish, New York (2015). Recent group shows include: ‘Selected by…’, Limoncello, London (2015), ‘Concept Incline’, Jack Chiles, New York, (2015), ‘Cat Show’, Mission 356, Los Angeles (2014), ‘To have and to hold’, Andrew Kreps, New York (2014), ‘Surviving The Pinocchio Locomotive’, Marlborough Gallery, New York (2014)

Artist in Residence 2015


Matthew Lutz Kinoy

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy (b. 1984; New York, US) lives and works in Berlin and Los Angeles. His studio method is interdisciplinary and recent projects take the form of dance, sculpture installation, ceramics, printmaking, publications, video, and painting. He completed the Rijksakademie international artist residency in Amsterdam in 2010 and his undergraduate degree at The Cooper Union School of Art, New York in 2007. Recent solo exhibitions include: ‘Port’, Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles; ‘Lutz-Kinoy’s Loose Bodies’, Elaine – MGK, Basel (2013); ‘Matthew’s Secret’, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam (2013); ‘Werk is Free / Be Free! May Day’, Outpost, Norwich, UK (2013); and KERAMIKOS – a touring exhibition with Natsuko Uchino at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; Kunsthalle Baden-Baden; Elaine Museum für Gegenwarts Kunst, Basel and Villa Romana Florence (2012-2013).

Artist in residence 2015



Jesse Wine, (B. 1983; Chester, UK) lives and works in London. His work combines humour, biography and art history. While Wine’s work is multi-disciplinary, he often describes himself as a ceramicist. His recent work, mostly using clay, has an erudite take on the medium, using its history, its alliance with craft and its placement within the visual arts. His works reveal a fascination with the medium and the process of making, as well as underlining issues of form and display. Recent and forthcoming solo shows include Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag, NL (2016); ‘BIG PICTURES’, Limoncello, London, UK (2015); ‘Young Man Red’, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK; ‘Etes-vous toujours Mr.Vin?’, Galerie Éric Hussenot, Paris, FR;  ‘Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs’, Cactus, Liverpool; ‘Chester man’, Mary Mary, Glasgow; ‘Uprisings’, MOSTYN, Llandudno (all 2014); Limoncello, London (2012).

The last furniture arrives


2015-06-23 09.25.59

The last pieces of furniture arrived and the apartment where the artists will be staying is ready just in time for the residency to start.