Artist in Residence 2019


Laurence Sturla (b. 1992) is a British artist primarily working in ceramics, currently living and working in Vienna.

Viewing works not purely as objects, but rather highlighting their capacity to interact and converse with their surrounding/audience, Sturla’s work aims to conflate the distance between human and non-human. By levelling the parameters, dialectics such as form and function, or thought and language are suspended as though in mid-air, as exaggerations, caricatures of their formerly rigid categorisations. With works acting as hybrids of history and fantasy, they enter the framework of a society rooted in the ghosts of industrialisation, nodding to how our notions of the present are composed. Honest fantasies recall histories which have been subject to a biased memory, reshaping and reinterpreting how we feel about the present and look towards the future.

Laurence Sturla lives and works in Vienna. His work has recently been exhibited at Pina, Vienna, (2018); Goswell Road, Paris, France (2017).