The Thun Ceramic Residency was founded by Leopold Thun, Simon Thun, Jesse Wine and is directed by Eva von Ingram Harpf. Generously supported by THUN, a family run business that has been producing and distributing handmade Italian ceramics worldwide over the past sixty-five years, artists will be given the opportunity to work within the unique cultural setting of Bolzano, Italy, whilst having access to the facilities, materials and technical support of the company.

Each summer three artists are invited to participate over the course of two months in the residency. Throughout the program a selected curator will be in continuous dialogue with the artists and will overview an exhibition and a publication of the new body of work once the residency is finished.

Please note that currently the residency is by invitation only and at this time unfortunately, we do not accept unsolicited artist’s proposals.


Thun Ceramic Residency
Via Galvani / Galvanistraße 29
I-39100 Bolzano / Bozen

✆ +44 77 9464 5380


The Thun Ceramic Residency would not be possible without the support of Peter and Margot Thun, Matteo and Susanne Thun, Jesse Wine, Monika Malsiner and Rudi Obkircher.

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The Thun Ceramic Residency stands for the wish to give opportunities to those artists who develop and push the boundaries of ceramics with their practice. Aiding the production of contemporary art, the residency aims at giving the artists an insight into THUN as a company as well as South Tyrol at large, as a place of encounter, innovation and creativity. The Thun Ceramic Residency relies on financial support from private companies and individuals in order run its non for profit mission. For further information how one can contribute to this mission please email: thunceramicresidency@gmail.com

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